Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Clone Scrubs

Sign #27 Liz has lost all touch with reality: She's decided that Scrubs is actually just all of the characters from Clone High grown up and working in a Hospital.

(Don't agree? Count how many times Elliot says "Come on you guys" in that nagging voice)

(OK, that one was kind of cheating...)

Oh Bill Lawrence... it's like your only desire in life is to appeal to exactly my sense of humour (and have some bizarre portal into my head to determine exactly what I think its funny, even if it completely perplexes or even frightens other people)

Why is it that that isn't the first time I've had that very strange thought?

Also... I wonder where I left my saltine cracker...?


Andrew J. Root the First said...

Who's Mr. Buttlertron?

Liz said...

Ted. I was having trouble finding Mr B pictures.
Also the Janitor (predictably) is the Janitor.