Friday, May 09, 2008

Tim Horton's on the Defence

I did not read one article that thought of that pun.

You don't even get it do you?

Employee fired over free Timbit getting job back

London, Ont. woman will be getting her job at Tim Hortons back after being fired for giving a free Timbit to a toddler.

A statement issued by the company's head office Thursday said the person who fired Nicole Lilliman, 27, went too far and that the single mother of four has been reinstated.

"Unfortunately the action of the manager of this location was not appropriate," the statement read. "With an apology from management Ms. Lilliman has been rehired by the franchisee. We sincerely apologize to our customers for this unfortunate incident."

Tim Hortons customers interviewed in London were less than impressed upon hearing of the firing.

"They're not going to go broke giving a child a Timbit," one woman told A-Channel London. "Shame on them."

Timbits are small balls of glazed dough that sell for $0.16.

Lilliman has said she didn't think much about giving the Timbit to the 11-month-old child, who came in with a regular customer on Monday. She said staff members often give Timbits to pets and children and that she was trying to calm the child.

Lilliman had worked at the store for about three years. She said was greeted by three managers when she arrived at work on Wednesday, who confronted her about the free gift after watching surveillance footage taken in the restaurant.

Uncomfortable with returning to the store from which she was fired, Lilliman will now work at another Tim Hortons location just down the street, company spokesperson Rachel Douglas told the Canadian Press on Thursday.

No decision has been made on whether action will be taken against the manager who fired Lilliman, said Douglas, adding she does not believe the manager's actions are ground for dismissal.


joe said...

I got your joke. :-P

I think it's even funnier now that I'm reading about it in international news. Here's one all the way from China:

"Fast food woman fired, excused for giving free doghnut" (...can't blame them, who likes eating dognuts?)

BEIJING, May 9 (Xinhuanet) -- A woman, fired by Tim Hortons, Canada, for giving away a free bite-sized doughnut worth 16 cents to an agitated toddler, was excused by the company, according to media reports Friday.

Nicole Lilliman, 27, a single mom, worked in an outlet of the Tim Hortons coffee chain in London, Ontario.

She was captured by video cameras that she handed out a Timbit to a child for free.

We're in trouble - the whole world now knows the ancient Canadian secret to placating "agitated" toddlers. And it's not tasers, surprisingly..

Andrew J. Root the First said...

I want some Timbits so hard right now