Thursday, May 29, 2008


As a follow up to my last post:

Is anyone else interested in changing the English language to include a single hyphonated "that-that" whenever you need to use the word "that" twice in a row? It's kind of how you say it, and MS Word always gets angry at me for repeating the same word twice.

Also, I have located my saltine. It's at Future Shop and contains special commentary on the episode "My Musical". Mmmmm Scrubs...


Joe said...

"That that" (and sometimes "had had") always get me too.

We often say "that that", but there's no denying that-that looks awkward in print. Wikipedia points out that-that can be used almost indefinitely: "Did the editor know that, that-that 'that' that-that 'that' followed was redundant?" And I have to say I agree that-that looks better with the hyphen.


Hey, I bought the "Twitch City" DVD a few weeks ago. That was an awesome show. Ah the nineties.

Liz said...

I thought I was the only person who watched that...
After all it was on the CBC.