Monday, May 05, 2008

"Good. Do you have magical powers?"

So every once in a while a movie totally passes under my radar and I can't even blame anyone else for saying "Nah, I don't really want to see that". It just seems that I totally missed the boat on this movie and my life has been the poorer for it, until now:

This is a top 10er. I don't really know which spot, or which movie I'm dethroning, but I know it's there.

A few things:

1) Will Farrel can act? I mean apart from shouting who he is prior to delivering every line ("I'm John Rocker!") or doing an alteration of his President Bush impersonation. I completely forgot it was Will Farrel within minutes. Not only did his performance have layers and subtlety it had humour that wasn't over-stated or ridiculous. It was honest and very touching.

2) I am in love with Emma Thompson

"Liz, please stop calling me"

3) I've been trying to think of a way to describe this film: It's like the love child of Adaptation and Hamlet.

"Hamlet: Oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew...
McKee: ...and God help you if you use soliloquy in your work, my friends. God help you. That's flaccid, sloppy writing. Any idiot can write a soliloquy to explain the thoughts of a character."

Ok, maybe that's not right.

In case you haven't guessed, I highly recommend this film. If you've seen it, and disagree with my proclaiming it wonderful, I invite you to bite me. Just kidding. Write me a comment. But I'll probably just tell you to bite me.

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