Sunday, August 28, 2005

Fear and Loathing in the Brother's Grimm

Okee dokee. So I went to see the Brother's Grimm which, besides giving me nightmares for weeks, will not go down as the best spent $9.75 of my life.

About the nightmares. When I was eighteen I developed an inexplicable phobia, and as a result I swore never to watch Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". I might as well have after yesterday. I missed a good tenth of the movie hiding my eyes and plugging my ears because of all the stupid birds. I'm sure no one else could care less, and as a matter a fact there are a lot of things in that movie that would gross other people out a hell of a lot more... but crows man... everywhere... huge fricken crows.

Alright, weird paranoia aside: The movie is worth seeing for the visuals and to see that Heath Ledger does in fact have some talent. There are some serious inconsistencies in the plot and I felt that they didn't do a very good job of tying the stories together in a very satisfactory way. The woman that they had to play the romantic lead, Lena Headey, did a fair job, but she was essentially forced on Gilliam by the Studio and really didn't suit the part. She's just much too pretty and they don't make any effort to make her as rough around the edges as she ought to be. The ending was a little over the top, and the over use of the "symbolic" words "magic beans" was really grating. The whole thing was poorly paced and the dialogue wasn't very well written. I don't usually write reviews this critically without giving a more thorough analysis... but those birds man... shit.

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