Monday, August 15, 2005

When it becomes cheaper to simply move home and eat their food...

So I'm back home again for the fourth time this summer. This only seems like a lot when you consider that I only went home twice during the entire school year.

I'm here getting ready for school, eating properly to fix up my tummy, spending time with my family who I have to confess I miss quite a bit, and ultimately collecting my thoughts.

While at home I am going take this unique opportunity to finish writing my play. I have been working on this sucker for a year now. I lost the majority of my work when my computer buggered out on me last month. I am now determined however to finish writing it. I don't know what will become of this thing, if anything, but it's something I've been meaning to do.

Being home means I get to watch Fraggles too :P

Favourite Fraggle Rock episode: The Duet-a-thon

Favourite Duet-a-thon quotes:

"Just because something's always been, doesn't make it right, does it?" -Wembley

"What's dragon slaying got to do with violence?" -Red


Andrew J. Root the First said...

You're writing a play? What's it about?

p.s. I'm fully aware that you've probably already told me all about it.

Liz said...

Actually I totally didn't ;)

Um it's about to undergo a huge revision, so you'll have to wait.
Don't worry, the other thing I didn't tell you is that you have to proof read it for me at some point ;)