Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Morgan Webb

In an attempt to even things out with my fella I thought I would dedicate a post to his celebrity crush.

How great is this? Unlike most guys in the 18-25 bracket, my guy does not have a crush on Jessica ugly-face Simpson or Brittney sucks-in-bed Spears. No, my ultra cool boyfriend's celebrity crush is Morgan Webb from Tech TV.

She's an extremely smart and sarcastic video game reviewer. She cohosts a show with this guy, Adam Sessler, and they rip apart crappy video games five or six times...an hour on Tech TV. You can seriously watch this station all day and see these guys nonstop.
At any rate. This chick is cool. I'm a little envious. She loves violent video games and racing cars- And I thought I was a tomboy!

Anyways, Morgan Webb: Very cool.

That is all :)

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