Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Liz is...

So I went to this site that Luke had a link to. It's a search engine that comes up with things from the internet... it's hard to explain.

Check it out.

Here are my favourites for "What is Liz?"

Liz is working on her urge to eat ice cream for dinner every night.
Liz is available for speaking engagements anywhere in the USA and Western Canada.
Liz is the woman/wife that God desires all women to be.
Liz is reading this summer.
Liz is the sort of woman who is on intimate terms with her own unhappiness.
Liz is one of the newest additions to the Texans cheerleaders.
Liz is telling the truth for once in her life.
Liz is really bossy and pushy.
Liz is a trainee dolphin interpreter.
Liz is currently working on her new album.
Liz is an active member of Northwest Bible Church.
Liz is an outstanding young woman whose tireless dedication to the theatre and...
(at least they got one right sort of right:P)

Liz is SUPPOSED to be reading this summer. I have made it through 3 books since April. One of them shouldn't have even qualified as a book. Don't get me wrong GenX was excellent, but it wasn't exactly time consuming or even particularly challenging to read. Bugger... that's what I should do tonight... after I watch Return of the Jedi... again.

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