Thursday, August 18, 2005

We are such stuff as dreams are made on

So tomorrow I get to go and see THE TEMPEST! ...which I was fortunate enough to get to perform in at Thorneloe this summer. I will be going to see William Hutt as Prospero in his second "farewell to the stage". My brother and I are taking advantage of our youth and studentdom by going to see the show for, get this, $20. That's all!

I'm also seeing a friend of mine from long ago and far away. When I was working at Lakewood Easter Seal Camp here in Ontario Clark was my first fellow counselor/friend. We did CIT together and worked together the entire time we were at Lakewood. When we both decided it was our last summer there we were both about to go away to University and were both beginning relationships with people that we are still with to this day (Joe and I still have them by 4 days lol).
Clark was also the one who started what is now my unhealthy obsession with Dave Matthews Band, and was the one who started my compulsive need to say Boo-urns. It's been way too long since we hung out, so I'm extra excited to go.

I will take some digital photos while in Stratford and post them asap.

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