Tuesday, October 18, 2005

And finally... The Wedding Story!

Yes that's right, almost four months later... it's the blog about my Aunt's wedding. For those that don't know, this summer my Aunt Bev got married. Her husband, John is the priest at her Church St David's in Welland, which is where they got married.
They got married by the minister at my home parish (who frequently asks if I'm attending services here in Sudbury to which I reply "umm... well there aren't really any Anglican churches nearby"... for people that don't know I go to a school located directly next to an Anglican chapel). At any rate! It was a lovely service and I have a couple of pictures that my Aunt sent me.

This is my brother and I with my Aunt (centre obviously) at the rehearsal dinner.

You see, John is the priest at the church, but he is the groom in this service and Lynn is SUPPOSED to be running everything. My aunt is cracking up because John thinks he's in charge. His children Chris and Julia are the ones in the pews laughing.

I have an issue with this picture. You see when you're in the bridal party people take pictures of you through the ENTIRE service. For 1 and a bit hours you stand and people photograph you from all different directions and I SWEAR I smiled for like 2 straight hours that day. They must have caught me at the ONE second that I wasn't.

This is such a great pic. My aunt looked so beautiful. She had just the perfect dress and she is absolutely glowing in this picture.

Here's me and my fella at the after party. What a cutie pie.

Congrats to my Aunt and John!

PS: For people that know Ian. John grew up in the same area of Hamilton/Dundas as Ian and knew him as a little kid.One time John was in "one of the plays that Ian used to write and put on with the kids in the neighborhood in his basement". Which is probably the cutest thing I've ever heard about Ian.


Andrew J. Root the First said...

Ian Maclennan? That's adorable!

And you look great in those pictures! Yowza yowza!

hee hee, the word verification is "gikia!"

Liz said...

:) thanks

Yep it's our Ian. I'm kind of picturing this well spoken little kid going "liquid u's!", "that's not funny, you lost focus" and of course "Nooooo".

and my verification word is zstmoxo.

Andrew J. Root the First said...

Hey, is there any chance you can make Joe look like he's holding a pitchfork in that last picture? That'd be awesome.

p.s. "nsraf!"

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