Friday, October 28, 2005

Something of Value to Say

What a great day!

I am finally home after my strange and fun-filled day.

It started this morning (naturally) with a trip to see Josh to work on our scene for Acting II. In three hours we managed to run the scene four times, and spend 2 hours having some really great Josh-Liz time. It was most enjoyable.
I went to go check on set construction and it was sort of as though everyone at Thorneloe had been teleported away. I've never seen that place so empty. And there was the set, not even half done sitting there, waiting to be built. I have no idea where everyone went, or when on earth we are going to have this thing done by, but there it is. I waited for about a half an hour (OK maybe 20 minutes, I really wasn't in the mood) and then I took off to go home and try to get some stuff finished.
I made the executive decision when I got home to go visit the Laughing Buddha. Mostly this girl. We had a nice chat about how she really ought to SM Hamlet :P and how wrong it is to steal costumes from Thorneloe. waves hand You don't need to know where I got this robe.

Then I spent the evening doing a haunted house run by the school for the United Way. I spent 5 hours screaming as though I were possessed by demons. While not my strongest acting performance (I could just hear Val going "Centre your voice Liz" "Are you ACTING possessed or BEING possessed?") I did get the chance to make some children cry, and possibly send them to therapy in their adulthood for psychological trauma.

I am sleepy now. And I have a big day of Jediing ahead of me.

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