Sunday, October 23, 2005

If you ever mistook me for someone of intelligence...

Ah yes, and now it's time for that post that many of you probably knew was inevitably coming at about this time today.

I'm an idiot. Oh yes.

Robert Munch was infact not at the school doing his storytelling/booksigning today. No, he was here yesterday. When I finally double checked my ticket upon arriving at the empty Frasier Auditorium today at 1pm I saw "Saturday October 22nd" printed quite clearly across it.

"But Liz," you might ask, "How could you forget to double check the date and time for the opportunity to hear the author of your all time favourite book, and one of your childhood heroes speak... Not to mention the chance to have that very book that you've owned since your childhood signed by the man himself... And never mind the possiblity of meeting the man who wrote the story that you have recited a thousand times to children at camp and made your personal camp counselor 'thing'... How Liz could you forget to check your ticket?"

Because I'm a huge fricken idiot.

I'm going home now, to go and read my Dave Matthews Band tickets at least sixty times to make sure I haven't gotten anything wrong. Then I am eating a lot of ice cream and hugging my Annie doll.


Angelo said...

Blame the wine.

lffn98 said...

almost as bad as going to dinner on the wrong night ;)

Andrew J. Root the First said...

That's the saddest thing I've heard in a long time.