Friday, November 25, 2005

(in Louis Anderson voice) "Alright!"

Disclaimer: written at age 16 thus written in Grade 11-ametre (rhyming couplets and a bouncy rythm)

I'll stare up at the clock one day
and remember there was a time
I could tell you all this mushy stuff
and it didn't have to rhyme

I'll remenisce with all our friends
about memories and share
but nothing will ever be the same
because we won't have you there

I'll see a snowflake falling
or wind blowing past a tree
I'll think of you in heaven Jay
I hope you think of me

I'll keep cheering for the Leafs
and they'll keep losing too
Maybe I'll even see that game
I was supposed to see with you

I'll dance with other guys
but they might not let me sing
I'll never forget what you've meant to me
I didn't close my eyes, I didn't miss a thing.

Jason Uberig (1983-1999)

If it's of any help to anyone- it is difficult for a while. But it does get easier. Now when I remember stuff the sad feelings get replaced by a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Anything that can make me smile when I hear Aerosmith has to be a pretty powerful warm fuzzy feeling.

For Jay: "I'm Liz Buchanan, I'm the smartest person in the world!"

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Lala said...

I don't know this story, but your poem is lovely, and if you ever want someone to watch the Leafs with, I bleed blue baby!