Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Warning! -Code Red and Green

I will try to do this as briefly as possible.

This is mostly so that you can be prepared to duck and cover.
The next pseudo-intellectual wanna-be cynical jackass that tries to pass off “Christmas decorations go up way too early” or “Christmas is so commercial” as their own unique original thought may be the victim of a swift kick to the head. Enough is enough. It's not a new idea anymore, and you're not bringing me down with you.
I mean I completely agree that the commercialization of Christmas is bad, but I take it as my challenge to find something meaningful in the holiday season that’s separate from shopping and gift giving. And what is so bloody awful about having decorations up in November? It is kind of early yes, but is it really so bad to have pretty lights and colourful displays all around downtown for a couple of extra weeks?

Hmm if only someone could make up a Christmas special about someone who is so distraught over the commercialization of Christmas that he loses sight of the meaning himself. But then he finally learns what Christmas is truly about and is surrounded by his family and friends… perhaps around a Christmas tree humming Hark the Herald Angels sing. If only...

Pardon my sarcasm. I really love this holiday, it means a lot to me, and I think sometimes people bash it because it’s fashionable to do so.
I can totally have a sense of humour about it (Family Guy’s Rudolph: Classic), but please stop trying to convince me that I’ve been brain washed by corporate America or that I have a lower IQ because I happen to be able to find joy in the month of December. And yes... even parts of November.

PS: Everytime I do this I swear I'm done editorializing, maybe I should stick to random inside jokes and surveys for everyone's sake.


The Metropolis Kid said...

eeeep! not jokes and surveys!!!
What point the blog if not for venting spleen in a public, yet anonymous venue?
pretty lights are always good.
i really think it's too bad that we don't celebrate the art of making things fun and attractive more consistently.

lffn98 said...

Christmas is not allowed to begin until the 23rd of november... I dont make the rules I just follow them... ok maybe i make the rules too... but everyone should still follow that one