Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tiz the Season

It's official. I have hung the Christmas decorations. One full month of merriment and joyous yuletide has commenced!
While this weekend will primarily consist of studying for exams, I am hoping to squeeze in a little shopping here and there.
This should prove to be an excellent holiday season. Because I was so extremely good this year (or at least I seem to have deceived the fat man in the red suit)I am getting my present early :D
Next weekend I will be in Toronto seeing the Dave Matthews Band, which will also put me in the general area of Hamilton (specifically York) to decorate the Christmas tree.
I also now have a DVD player on my computer to enjoy the DVDs my brother made me of Christmas Specials, and I have my own copy of "It's a Wonderful Life" which I seem to remember I have to force a few people to see.
And to put the icing on the gingerbread house, my cousin Lorraine is coming up from Florida to see a real Canadian Christmas (hopefully we can provide her with some snow- though if she were coming right up to Sudbury I'm sure there'd be no problem).

I am adding a new segment to my blog :p
For the month of December I will post random favourite Christmas memories. In no particular order-
Scott will appreciate the following script:

(LIZ is carefully decorating cookies slowly and methodically. She drops a sprinkle on the wrong part of the icing)
LIZ: Oh shit!
(DAD and SCOTT look up)
LIZ: I mean... Merry Christmas!


maybe you had to be there...


Here's to a month of family and friends and another year of great moments.


Andrew J. Root the First said...

That is perhaps the greatest christmas memory ever. It belongs in about fifteen different time capsules.

Angelo said...

I clap for you!